Did you know your skin is an ecosystem? Most of us never think about it, but we have trillions of different flora – or bacteria – making up our skin microbiome. Just like our guts, our skin has good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria protect us from illness, acne, eczema, inflammation and even cancer, says Sans Skincare owner Renan Kennedy.

Kennedy’s research into skincare began when her mother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. As Kennedy and her sister cared for her mother, they focused on her diet, carefully managing her food intake to make sure no foods exacerbated the cancer. That got Kennedy thinking about what her mother put onto her skin. She quickly discovered that the preservatives in commercial skin care products kill the good flora that make up our skin biome.

Sans Skincare was born out of Kennedy’s caring for the health and welfare of her friends and family. She uses essential and pure plant oils, plant butters, and what she calls “other pure and wonderfully natural ingredients.”

My successes. 

After growing her business for five years, Kennedy is a finalist for the 2018 American Small Business Championship.

What's great about my mentor? 

Kennedy says, “When I started with SCORE, though I was very determined to build my business, I realize now that I was operating as a hobby.” Kennedy’s mentor, Ed Coleman, took her through the step-by-step process of building up a business, starting with her business plan. After that, Kennedy was able to determine what her bigger plan was, and what steps she needed to take to get there.

Kennedy also frequently visits score.org, takes webinars, and makes use of the SCORE blog. She advises others thinking of starting a small business to choose something sustainable, and then find a mentor. “Why spin your wheels? There are people out there who have done what you are about to embark upon, why not use that knowledge?” says Kennedy.

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