Abbott, Walt Risk Management, Insurance, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations, Business Operations
Antoine, Guy International, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Briskman, Leonard Banking and Finance, Retail, Government Contracting, Marketing and Sales
Brotman, Ellen Food Service, Strategy and Planning, Marketing and Sales,  Consulting
Chan, Allan Strategy and planning, Operations, Buy/Sell Business, Engineering, Entity Choice, Intellectual Property, IT, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Telecom
Clarke, Joseph Consulting, Strategy and planning, Government Contracting, IT/Internet-Web, IT Software
Cober, Nicole Operations, Intellectual Property
Coleman, Ed Marketing and Sales, Operations,Retail, Strategy and planning
Crowson, Martin Banking and Finance, Import / Export, Accounting, Consulting
Cutler, Miriam Banking and Finance, Real Estate
Dheer, Rajendra Environmental Services, Consulting, Research and Business Services, International Trade, Imports / Exports
Elam, Fred Operations, Veteran Owned, Government Contracting
Evans, Matt Strategy and planning, Banking and Finance, Operations, IT, Training & Education, Accounting, Consulting
Falkowitz, Ed Accounting, Banking & Finance, Training & Education, Utilities, Telecom
Farb, Warren Banking and Finance, Import/Export, International
Friday, Roy Accounting, Consulting, Non-Profit, RecordKeeping, Strategy & Planning, Tax, Banking & Finance, Operations, Government Contracting
O’Shaughnessy, Gary IT-Internet/Web, IT-Software, Government Contracting
Gitlin, Bruce IT-Internet/Web, IT-Software, Strategy & planning, Marketing and Sales
Glave, Frederick Banking and Finance, IT, Telecom, Operations
Gluck, Rosemary Health Care, Training and Education, Real Estate
Hamady, Robert Marketing and Sales, Retail
Hocker, John Non-Profit
Jacobson, Herbert Car Repair and Maintenance, Educational Services, Consulting, Research and Business Services
Johnson, Len Government Contracting, Marketing and Sales
Karamchetty, Som Intellectual Property, IT, IT-Internet-Web, IT-Software, Government Contracting
Levy, Elma Health Care, Government Contracting
Lopez, Averta Consulting, Government Contracting, Operations, Banking and Finance, Research
Mehra, Anne-marie Banking and Finance, Strategy and planning, Operations, Accounting
Mhley, Cornelius Entity Choice, RecordKeeping, Tax, Accounting
Nasser, Shirley Operations, Consulting, IT, Marketing and Sales, Telecom
O’Shaughnessy, Gary IT-Internet/Web, IT-Software, Government Contracting
Paulson, Ronald Consulting, Government Contracting, Banking and Finance, Engineering, IT, IT-Internet/Web, IT-Software, Research and Development
Prabhu, Ashok Operations
Rose, Richard Real Estate, Apparel, Food Service, Retail, Marketing and Sales
Rosenberg, Alan Government Contracting, IT, IT-Software
Rothfeld, David Operations, Buy/Sell Business, Health Care, Strategy and planning, Real Estate, Marketing and Sales, Consulting
Salisbury, Dr. Gary Government Contracting, Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services
Sanz, Gerry Consulting, Government Contracting, IT
Schwarz, Roger Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Government Contracting
Shanahan, Edward Telecom
Shelton, Hal Technology and Web-Based Services, Consulting, Research and Business Services, Nonprofit, Public and Professional Organizations
Skolnik, Mark International, Oil and Gas, Strategy and planning, Operations, Marketing and Sales
Smart, Deborah Construction, Industrials and Utilities, Personal Services and Wellness, 
Consulting, Research and Business Services
Steyn, Maria Strategy and planning, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Operations
Tilley, Greg Government Contracting, Consulting, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Engineering, Retail, Utilities, Strategy and planning
Volansky, Saul Government Contracting, Consulting, Research and Development
Weir, Kevin Operations, Training and Education, Strategy and planning, Marketing and Sales
Westphal, Marvin Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Homeowner Services/Home Improvement, Construction, Industrials and Utilities, Car Repair and Maintenance, Government Contracting, Consulting, Research and Business Services
Westreich, David Engineering, Marketing and Sales, Training and Education, Government Contracting
Williams, Karen Aerospace and Defense, Consulting, IT, IT-Software, Government Contracting
Wolpert, Ira Operations, Buy/Sell Business, Consulting, Entity Choice, Real Estate
Zylstra, Mariann Non-Profit, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Strategy and planning