Cashing-In Part 2 – Business Valuation

Once you decide to sell your business, business valuation becomes one of the most pressing items. Don’t let your guard down. Make sure you have the right people guiding you through the exit process and helping you maximize your cash-out package. In this video, you will learn how a business owner can maximize the value of his or her company to get the most out of the exiting transaction.


In the age of digital marketing, small businesses can create personal and memorable engagements with customers for a much more affordable price than ever before. Guerrilla marketing does exactly that.

Often compared to guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing similarly focuses on small, personal engagements between businesses and their target customers and is often fast, flexible and low cost.

SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Mentor in the News | Denise Conklin

Denise Conklin’s first begonia came as a wedding present in 1965. Just like every other newlywed in her family who received a piece of the same plant, she closely watched that begonia to make sure it flourished, along with her marriage.

“The bigger I can grow the plant and the less I have to take care of it the happier I am because I’m a SCORE mentor and I do a lot of things around town.”

Cashing In – How to Exit Your Business

Small business owners time and again confront the issue of what to do with their business. This SCORE Business TV series starting with Cashing In – How to Exit Your Business, addresses this issue.