Business Mentors

SCORE DC's mentors are seasoned veterans from the business world here to help you reach your full potential with your business - to make your business a success. Click on a Mentor's name to get a complete Bio.

Guy Antoine                 Int'l Business & Development Executive, World Bank
Leonard Briskman         Business Finance & Accounting/Business Operations
Kyle Brown                   Business Finance & Accounting, Business Operations, Technology & IT Services
Michael Calhoun           Senior Executive, Federal Civilian IT Services Management
Tim Campen                 Government Contracting, Technology and Web-Based Services
Joseph Clarke               IT Executive, Federal Govt & Commercial Sectors
Ed Coleman                  Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
Geoffrey Corbett            Business Finance & Accounting, Operations & Strategy, HR & Int.Communications
Martin Crowson             Business Finance & Accounting, Business Strategy & Planning
Miriam Cutler                Attorney, Real Estate Development
Rajendra Dheer             Consulting Executive, Int’l Trade
Fred Elam                    Govt Contractor Executive, Retired US Army Major General
Warren Farb                 PHD Economist, Economic Tax and Policy Issues
Ed Falkowitz                Consulting, Research & Business Services
Bruce Gitlin                  CEO, Software  Co, & VP  F-500 Co
Frederick Glave             CEO, Telecommunications Industry
Rosemary Gluck           Business Finance & Accounting, Business Operations
Robert Hamady             Consultant, Business and Personal Planning
John Hocker                  US Army Retired Colonel, Non-Profit & Business Development
Herbert Jacobson           Retail Owner, Automotive Service
Ralph Johanson, Jr         Attorney, Int’l Projects & Transactions, Corp & Finance
Len Johnson                  Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services
Som Karamchetty          PHD Senior Executive, Advanced Technology 
Cornelius Mhley             Business Finance and accounting
Dan Nickell                    EVP, COO, Identity Management Software/Hardware Development
Ronald Paulson              VP, Public Company, Business, Engineering, R&D, & IT
Robert Podzius               Business Financing and Accounting
Vladimir Rapoport           Business Finance & Accounting, Business Strategy & Planning, Legal Services
Dee Rogers                    Marketing Program & Communications Manager
Gary O’Shaughnessy      Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Government & Regulations, Technology & IT Services
Richard Rose                 Retail Owner & CEO, Furniture Industry & Interior Design
Alan Rosenberg              Business Strategy & Planning, Government & Regulations, Technology & IT Services
Gary Salisbury              
Gerry Sanz                    Owner & President, Professional Services Industry
Roger Schwarz               Business and Marketing
Ed Shanahan                 Communications Industry, Independent Telecom Consultancy
Hal Shelton                    CFO Public Company, Non-Profit Board Member
Deborah Smart               Business Operations, Strategy & Planning, Human Resources & Internal Communications
Richard Sultan                Finance & Accounting, Business Operations, Strategy & Planning
Stephen Vesce               Business Strategy & Planning, Manufacturing & Product Development, Non-Profit, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
Saul Volansky                Business Finance and Accounting
Uday Wagle
Dave Westreich              Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
Karen Williams               Government Contracting Consulting