National Parks Photographer is Making a Business Out of Art

Dan Moore of Green Bay was raised in a family that loved to travel. He visited national parks and historical sites, and as he fell in love with the scenery, developed a passion for photography.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 2000 with a degree in graphic design, he got what he calls a “real job,” but also found time to travel and experience the national parks anew.

Supervision 101 & Beyond

A four session workshop designed to assist those that are about to become supervisors and those that are supervisors to harness the skills necessary to achieve your goals and objectives through others.

Session 1 – November 19th 5pm-7pm
The Task of Supervision – Marc Goldberg
•    Role of the Supervisor
•    Effective Behaviors
•    The decision making process
•    The role of the facilitator

Women's Business Roundtable Presents 'The Ecstatic Entrepreneur'

Why do some women in business have such an easy time promoting themselves and others  feel scared, overwhelmed and avoid sharing their gifts out loud?

According to sales expert and award-winning business coach, Mary O'Connor, there is an undiagnosed disorder that keeps many talented women from sharing their expertise with the world, and it keeps them stuck, frustrated and's called SPAD (Self Promotion Anxiety Disorder).

Ocean Farming Forum

Join us for this first industry forum to inform the local aquaculture/marine industry, commercial fisherman and entrepreneurs/investors of the potential business opportunities for off shore farming of oysters, bay scallops, mussels and sugar kelp in Massachusetts. 

Speakers at the forum will include businesses currently involved in ocean farming of shellfish and kelp farming as well as researchers currently active in ocean farming experimentation.

WWBIC Allows Kewaunee Salon Owner to 'Go For It'

Erin Burmeister, the owner of Sanctuary Salon in Kewaunee, had been in business for seven years when she heard the building where she leased was up for sale. 

“It was a unique situation,” Burmeister said. “I already had the business, but was afraid of what might happen if the building was sold to someone else. I just needed to figure out how to buy it.”

It's Swink's Business to Help Clients Build Theirs

“Where have you been all of my life?”

Melissa Swink, owner of Savvy CVA of Green Bay, says that is the most common phrase she hears from clients when they start working with her. 

The CVA stands for consultants and virtual assistants, and Swink, who is also social media specialist for the Green Bay SCORE chapter, says it is her business to help clients build their business.

Sleepy Hollow Farm Expands With Help From SCORE, USDA Microloan Program

Last week’s column featured the new partnership between SCORE and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

As the face of family farming changes, the USDA is encouraging the development of ag-related businesses by offering an array of loan programs. Among those is a microloan program that is being administered by area Farm Services Agency offices.