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I am known for new product development and entrepreneurship, I help small businesses marry expertise in engineering, entrepreneurial talents, and leadership skills to help create specialty products with applications in the industrial, commercial, and consumer arenas. JOY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Creating and running a strong business requires a commitment to your company, employees, and customers. I help small businesses apply grit, determination, and perseverance, knowing the ultimate success in driving the company forward lies squarely on my shoulders. EDUCATION + LEARNED EXPERIENCE = SUCCESS I value institutional knowledge gained from traditional education programs, but I also believe learned experience is key to the successful application of knowledge. Continuous learning through both drives innovation, the ability to solve complex problems, the effective construction of high performing teams, and deep exposure to all aspects of operations management. A SIMPLIFIED APPROACH Believing problems are best solved and business are most efficiently and effectively run by minimizing complexity, I help small businesses apply an 80/20 philosophy in tackling business initiatives. Simplification— of product, procedures, and organizational structure— allows the most effective utilization of resources to achieve maximum results. DRIVEN LEADER As a driven leader with extensive knowledge of R D and project management, I love small businesses to help develop new products and bring them to the market. I help them intensely engage in developing innovations that I believe will be successful and produce a positive impact. CORE COMPETENCIES Resource Needs Analysis ?Research/Engineering Team Direction ? Acquisition/Allocation ? Opportunity Analysis ? Product Solutions Innovation ? Product Pricing/Cost Control ? Process Performance Improvement ? Global Multi-Functional Leadership ? Margin Optimization ? Integrating AI ? Strategic/Tactical Planning Execution ? Negotiations

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  • Product Development & Manufacturing

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  • Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

Rakesh k Dhawan

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