Deep Learning Analytics is a data analytics company focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers exploit their data. 

NAME OF CLIENT’S COMPANY:  Deep Learning Analytics

OWNER: John Kaufhold

ADDRESS: 4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203                       

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  571-969-5638



NAME OF MENTOR(S):  Gerry Sanz


Deep Learning Analytics is a data analytics company focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers exploit their data. Established in 2013, Deep Learning rapidly built a business that was able to compete with much larger and firmly established prime contractors. They were one of the four fastest growing companies in Arlington by 2015, again in 2016, and again in 2017, each time in a larger revenue category. In 2019 they were acquired by General Dynamics, validating their hard work and the exceptional value that they created.


Deep Learning Analytics uses deep learning technology, which is now the performance leader across an increasing range of artificial intelligence problems, especially for perceptual tasks such as vision, text or speech applications. Deep Learning Analytics uses specialized hardware and algorithm's (deep learning) to help people make sense of the data they have. They specialize in (1) algorithmically extracting patterns from large data sets through machine learning and analytics and (2) deploying those algorithms on very mobile platforms and hardware.


John Kaufhold came to SCORE to explore the idea of protecting his intellectual property and explore starting his own company to exploit that IP. Gerry Sanz) meet with John, and eventually his new COO, Sue Rego, to help him establish his company, develop his business plan, implement critical infrastructure and procedures (including a compliant accounting system), and strategize his business development efforts. They met regularly between 2013 and 2016, and communicated occasionally via email as needed. When John was submitting his first critical proposal, Gerry helped them to “imagine” the company that would do the work, so they could accurately project all their costs and submit a competitive, profitable, and compliant proposal. They won, opening the way for their impressive accomplishments. In moments of company crisis (in team communications, customer communications, handling communications with customer contracting staff, etc.), John repeatedly came to Gerry for counsel from someone he could trust. Gerry’s counseling through these crises helped John more fully articulate and communicate his value system for his company and build a solid relationship with his customers – building a reputation for competence and transparency. Leading with these values helped the team succeed through continued growth over Deep Learning Analytics’ 5 and ½ year history.


Stood up a company from ground zero rapidly, to be in a position to compete for a pending contract opportunity. Mastered the nuances of federal contracting and compliance with federal acquisition regulations to ensure success. Became one of the fastest growing companies in the DC area by winning competitive contracts, beating teams led by the biggest companies in the industry. Created 12 FT positions prior to the acquisition by General Dynamics and garnered various small business and scientific awards along the way