Marketing Part 1: Developing Your Marketing Plan - 2/16/2022 February 16, 2022, 12:00pm EST February 16, 2022, 1:30pm EST
Live virtual webinar via Zoom.

Many entrepreneurs create products or services they can’t sell no matter how hard they work. It doesn’t have to be this way. This webinar will help you build a roadmap you can use to identify your ideal clients and discover a value proposition that will set you above your competition. We’ll also explain how to conduct a competitor analysis. Plus, we will review different pricing strategies and show the impact of pricing on profits.

This webinar sets the stage for the next webinar in the Small Business Essentials series, Marketing Part 2: Promoting Your Business.

All registrants will receive access to webinar materials in advance, and link to the recorded webinar after the live event.

This webinar is part of SCORE’s Small Business Essentials (SBE) Webinar Series. The series is designed to prepare anyone who is considering starting a business to make the decisions and plans you need to successfully launch your business. All webinars are taught by experienced certified SCORE Mentors.

Registration Fee: $25

About the Presenter(s)

Ed Shanahan

Ed Shanahan has 28 years experience in the communications industry. He had full P&L responsibility for and helped build the largest independent telecom consultancy from start to IPO through retrenchment.

Certified SCORE Mentor
Ed Shanahan

Ed specializes in helping entrepreneurs with business planning launch, crowdfunding, marketing, sales and service delivery. Ed has 28+ years experience in communications industry working for service providers and management consulting firms. He helped build the largest independent telecom consultancy from start in 1991 to IPO in 1999, through retrenchment in 2006. He launched his own...