How SCORE helped. 

The Metro Washington, DC SCORE Chapter named the nonprofit, Youth Art for Healing (YAFH) as its client of the Year for 2013.  YAFH is the active link between healthcare organizations interested in displaying youth art and local schools whose students create works of art suitable for healing that will be displayed in the healthcare organizations facilities.  YAFH is the inspiration of Jan Papirmeister, its Executive Director.

JJan first came to SCORE in January 2012 with her idea that she could help the medical patients of this area by displaying art created by students of local schools in the facilities of healthcare organizations.  Jan’s background as a nurse and as an art teacher brought these two concepts together in her mind and she did extensive research into the psychological and physical effects of bringing this type of art to the facilities where patients are being treated.  She found that the art not only assisted the patients, but also had very positive effects on the doctors, nurses, caregivers, and visiting relatives.

Jan gives full credit to her sessions with SCORE mentors for the success of her nonprofit, Youth Art For Healing.  It has continually progressed and, this year, students from nine schools are participating in 11 YAFH projects, including paintings, photographs, a quilt, mosaic birdhouses and birdbaths for the Montgomery Medical Center, the Montgomery Village Health Center, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and the Holy Cross Pediatric Center.  Jan visited many of the schools in Montgomery County as well as the medical facilities to enlist their participation.  She developed the program that consists of three phases.

Phase I: YAFH conducts workshops for art teachers and receives requests from healthcare organizations. 

Phase II: YAFH visits schools, presents details, purchases and delivers supplies, checks on progress, hears students stories, selects art for display, frames and prepares art, and delivers art to healthcare organizations for installation. 

Phase III:  YAFH sponsors reception at Healthcare facility to which students, parents, school staff, board members, and donors are invited.  Media and social media are also part of the reception. 

Jan Papirmeister is a very dedicated individual who wants, more than anything else, to benefit the students who participate, the patients and healthcare professionals who are exposed to the art, and the communities that are brought together by participating in Youth Art For healing.  Her goals and objectives are to continue to expand.  Her website has a vast gallery of art by her students at: