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HSN American Dream Application Form

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Complete  the attached American Dream Product Submission Request Form detailing key items regarding your product or product idea Read more

DC Government Business Resource Center

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How to do business in Washington, DC with information related to taxes, regulatory issues, training, market information and events. Link: Read more


10 Ways To Celebrate National Black Business Month

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August 4, 2022,

To help you best support Black-owned businesses, we asked Black business owners and leaders this question for their best recommendations. From promoting Black-owned businesses on social media to providing Black founders with more access to funding, several recommendations may help you offer the best support to Black-owned businesses as you celebrate National Black Business Month.


12 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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August 2, 2022,

To help you develop the best habits for success as an entrepreneur, we asked successful entrepreneurs and business owners this question for their best insights. From learning to make quick decisions to demonstrating moral courage, several habits are considered important in making entrepreneurs successful.