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Posting Changes Show No Signs of Slowing Down: How Employers Can Keep Up

Feeling overwhelmed by labor law posting compliance? Not sure what’s necessary for your business right now? You’re not alone. Read more

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Knowing the Laws, Managing the Intricacies of Employee Time Off

As an employer, you’re responsible for understanding and upholding legally allowed absences. Which ones do you know about? And is your business in compliance? Read more

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Tardies, Call-ins and No-shows, OH MY!: How to Take Control of Employee Absences

Chronic employee absenteeism can cost your business money, undermine performance and impact staff morale. Read more

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“Don’t Ask THAT!” – How to Avoid Illegal Job Application Questions

Finding qualified candidates who are a good fit for your company is crucial. Read more

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How to Document Disciplinary Issues with Employees

Discipline puts an employee on notice of the severity of a problem, as well as the consequences for not correcting it. Read more

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No Handbook? No Problem! 5 “Must-Have” Employee Policies for Any Small Business

If your business employs just a few workers, it’s in your best interest to establish clear workplace guidelines. Read more

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Employee or Independent Contractor? Understanding the Classification Tests

Are you completely confident you're correctly classifying workers as independent contractors? Read more

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Recordkeeping 101: Tips for Organizing Employee Records

As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to long to-do lists. This is especially true if you’ve begun hiring, which generates a lot of employee paperwork. Read more

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The DOL 'Duties Tests': Understanding Who Can Be Exempt from Overtime Pay

Misclassifying workers as being exempt from overtime pay is a common mistake you can’t afford to make as an employer. Read more

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5 Tips to Prevent “Accidental” Discrimination When Hiring

Hiring a new employee may seem like a straightforward endeavor, but it can be filled with challenges and potential risks. Read more

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5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know about the Posters on the Breakroom Wall

Displaying labor law posters at your place of business is mandatory for all U.S. employers. Read more