Advisory Services: A team of three or more counselors working together providing a business review and guidance.

What is it?

The SCORE Business Review Program is an in-depth confidential assessment process targeted towards small companies that have been in business for two or more years, have annual sales ranging from a few hundred thousands of dollars to a couple of million dollars and are trying to solve problems and/or get to the next level of growth.

The objective is to provide guidance to owners/management to help improve the overall management of the company, by advising on operational and strategic issues.

What's Involved?

The Business Review Program involves a detailed review, on a confidential basis, of companies desiring this service. The review would take place at the business site. The program is action-oriented with up to five SCORE counselors participating. The review could either address the complete business or be focused on one or more problem areas such as marketing, operations, logistics, finance, cost containment, strategic planning, government contracting, etc.

Business Reviews may take two forms: either a half-day intensive session at the client’s site or a series of sessions over a six-month or longer period. The former is best suited when one specific issue or strategy is involved and the intent is to fix a problem. The latter approach is best when there are several interrelated issues and the goal is to solve problems and/or map out a growth strategy.

The Process

A half-day Business Review would involve company personnel as determined by the owner/CEO. The SCORE counselors will provide recommendations and/or action items at the end of the visit.

An ongoing Business Review focuses on the Business Process. There is an agreed agenda, the CEO and his/her key direct reports attend each session (particularly the first session) and presentations are made from each of the key functional areas. These are action-oriented sessions. Action items are taken by the owner/CEO and followed up at subsequent reviews.  Business reviews are problem focused; they are not show and tell sessions. Strong emphasis is placed on areas where individuals need help; staff members are encouraged to ask for help, thus improving communication and effectiveness of the management team.

Contact - Len Briskman

Phone: Washington,DC SCORE Office 202-619-1000