Army veteran Michael Canty was referred to SCORE Washington DC in 2017 for help with his start-up Armaments Research Company (ARC). Founded in 2016, ARC developed new technologies under the sponsorships of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and National Science Foundation. Those technologies sense when a weapon has been unholstered, aimed and discharged.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Michael recalled his experiences that made him realize that there was more that could be done to enhance a soldier’s safety and effectiveness through technology: “I vividly recall firefights on my deployments when time-sensitive information – firing and support locations – was most critical, but not always readily available. During fight-or-flight situations, we had to radio back-and-forth to obtain it.” ARC’s technology would change that.

For the past four years, Michael has worked with SCORE Mentors Karen Williams and Don Perkins, meeting monthly as his business grew. Michael worked with his mentors to discuss issues relating to intellectual property, contract negotiations, hiring, relationships with prime contractors, strategic planning, and marketing.  Along the way, mentors Hal Shelton, Walt Abbott and Len Briskman provided subject-matter expertise. Michael praised the support he received from Karen and others as “crucial,” and it was delivered “at a critical time” for his business. “SCORE mentors are some of the most experienced and accomplished in the industry and free of charge. You just don’t see opportunities for that level of mentorship elsewhere.”

In August, ARC was awarded a 5-year, $60-million Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III IDIQ contract by the U.S. Department of Defense and General Services Administration as part of the military’s ‘Joint All-Domain Command and Control’ project portfolio. The first projects will focus on “fusing data from its miniaturized AI-enabled edge computing sensors with other battlefield data sources to transmit decision-quality information to tactical forces through mobile and mixed reality platforms.”

Congratulations to Michael Canty on his company’s success and thanks to his SCORE mentors for supporting him throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Michael Canty