Dara Trujillo has more than 30 years of retail, traditional brick and mortar, theme park (Walt Disney) and TV shopping experience (HSN) creating worldwide concepts and products. While at Disney, she learned early on to persevere through tough boardrooms and “Know the Power of No”. As a result Dara was able to create amazing products and experiences that are still enjoyed today by Guests around the world. They include the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Goofy’s Candy Company, expanding the Pin Trading experience, creating Duffy the Disney Bear and many more. In 2014, Dara joined HSN where she was the VP of Merchandise Business Development, created and managed the American Dreams Program and Entrepreneur Academy helping entrepreneurs realize their TV retail dreams. In 2020, Dara joined the Magic Makers Group (a group that consists of former Disney Executives working together to provide 300+ combined years of expertise to brands, companies, businesses (big and small) all around the country). Dara and the team’s top goal is to find new businesses and help them achieve their American Dream. In addition, Dara speaks regularly on helping Entrepreneurs “Know the No” and give them tips of the retail trade.

Dara can still be seen as a regular judge on the TV show Hatched where she provides feedback to innovators and entrepreneurs and helps them fulfill their American Dream of selling on TV or into retail. Dara can also be seen on a Shark Tank follow up where she assisted an entrepreneur in getting a Disney partnership, the Travel Network’s behind the scenes at Disney, and was a guest judge on the Food Network’s Disney cake challenge. She has gone across the country meeting entrepreneurs, sharing her 10 P’s to succeed and bringing millions of dollars into the hands of America’s small business owners. She is a strategic partner with the SBA’s division: Score and conducts nationwide pitch sessions giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their products She has been married for 30 years, has two grown children. (Baylin and Gene’) and a beautiful daughter-in-law McKenzie.

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Dara Trujillo