What do you do? 

Doxology Media is a full-service media production company with a mission to tell meaningful stories and inspire viewers. No matter the topic, issue, or industry, we beieve that storytelling is the most effective way to engage people and mobilize them to act. Working step-by-step through the creative process with our clients, we collectively shape meaningful ideas into powerful media tools. Doxology recently was awarded three Telly awards.

What inspired you to start your business? 

I've always loved storytelling. I grew up in an Italian American family where we sat around the table every night and shared stories about our day - funny things, hard things. Storytelling was a core piece of my upbringing. I also loved film as a medium for storytelling. So I studied film production in college, worked on staff in a few production companies and in 2018, started my own to tell the important stories for nonprofits through film.

How SCORE helped. 

I knew how to operate a production business, but I didn't know how to grow it. There were some big holes in my knowledge and skills around financial matters that I wanted and needed to learn in order to build my business. I didn't want to flail around so I sought out an expert which led me to SCORE. And, given my passion for storytelling around social justice issues, my SCORE Mentor Kalpesh Patel challenged me to figure out who my target customer is - to get as specific as possible - size, industry. He also worked with me to finalize my business plan.

Plus, on Kalpesh's advice and encouragement, I submitted several entries into the Telly Awards, a 43-year old organization that honors excellence in video and television production and widely respected in the industry. And I won three! It was especially meaningful to me that we won, because it adds a layer of credibility to the business and the quality of the work we do. I believe seeing our work recognized by an independent source builds confidence and instills a level of trust for businesses considering partnering with us. As a young business, it was a big win to add award credentials to our organization, and I believe it will strengthen our presence and help to distinguish us as a rising company. Thanks to Kalpesh for encouraging me to enter the Telly Awards.

What's great about my mentor? 

Kalpesh is incredibly responsive and always makes himself available. I appreciate knowing he's a phone call or email away. As a solo entrpreneur, you do a lot of things by yourself; knowing that he's there is very encouraging. Kalpesh is also very much a straight shooter, which I appreciate. He doesn't candy-coat things or coddle me, but at the same time, he's very genuine in the way he speaks and makes recommendations. We have a really good communication dynamic.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business? 

I have told all my friends who are entrepreneurs about my positive experience with SCORE and highly recommeded that they get a SCORE mentor and avail themselves of all the great resources and webinars. The one-on-one interaction between entrepreneur and mentor is so crucial; to be able to discuss your business's unique needs and goals is indispensable. It's like having a personal coach for your business.

Andrea Palombella

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